IKC Membership

For only $15 a year, you can help protect and preserve Indiana's karst features and educate the public about their importance. You can also help by making an additional monetary donation and/or volunteering your time and labor.

If you are concerned about some of Indiana's most intriguing natural features, act now before it's too late. To join the IKC, please print the form below, or download our brochure, and send with your tax-deductible check to the address below.

PO BOX 2401

You will receive your first newsletter in the next mailing. Your assistance and participation are greatly appreciated!

YES! I would like to help the IKC protect Indiana's unique caves and other karst features. Enclosed is:

☐ membership at $15/yr (please pro-rate at $1.25/month to expire on March 31st)

      ☐ a donation to the general IKC fund.
      ☐ a donation to the karst property acquisition fund.
      ☐ a donation restricted some other IKC project. Please specify...
      ☐ I know of an area worthy of protection. Please contact me.
      ☐ I would like to volunteer to help. Please contact me.

      NAME ___________________________________________________________________

      MAILING ADDRESS ________________________________________________________

      CITY/STATE/ZIP _________________________________________________________

      PHONE & EMAIL ADDRESS __________________________________________________

Make checks payable to the Indiana Karst Conservancy, Inc. and mail to the IKC Treasurer. c/o Indiana Karst Conservancy, PO Box 2401, Indianapolis, IN 46206-2401. The IKC is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; membership dues and donations are fully tax-deductible.

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