Robinson Ladder Cave Description

The following is reprinted from the BIG Newsletter, Volume 14, No 4.

D Black, S Frushour, D Stahl

Formation: Ste. Genevieve Limestone


Buddha Karst Preserve Donation List

$10,000 or more
IPALCO Golden Eagle Grant
$1,000 to $9,999
Bruce Bowman
Bob Decker
Keith Dunlap
Kriste Lindberg
Steve Lockwood
Everett Pulliam
Tom Rea
Tom Sollman
Bruce Trotter
Bob Vandeventer
Central Indiana Grotto
National Speleological Foundation

Buddha Karst Preserve Management Plan

Lawrence County, Indiana

(As approved September 10, 2011)

INTRODUCTION: The Indiana Karst Conservancy, Inc. has purchased the 37-acre Buddha Karst Preserve. The Conservancy will manage the caves on the Buddha Karst Preserve for recreational access and scientific study by responsible cavers while at the same time protecting these resources for future generations. The surface property will be managed to maintain the karst values and enhance the overall natural setting.


Webmaster and spouse, Donnehue Cave, ca 1992. Photo by John Vargo.