Wayne Cave Preserve Expansion

The Indiana Karst Conservancy acquired the entrance to Wayne Cave and 20 acres above the cave in 2003. An additional 12 acres was added to the Preserve in 2014. The IKC is now in the process of adding another 25+ acres to bring the total Preserve size to 57.59 acres. This acquisition should be completed by July 2018.

The new expansion is mostly wooded and contains a multitude of interesting karst features. Deep sinkholes like the ones on the expansion are now known to provide habitat for a variety of tiny animals that prefer sinks over caves or the surface. Although not a major feature of the expansion, one of the sinks affords access to a 38-foot pit and there is the potential for other caves to be discovered (see more photos). Preventing this property from development will go a long way in protecting the groundwater that flows to the west through Queen Blair Cave and contribute to the purity of the water emerging from springs in Blair Hollow. This expansion is also key for our long-term goal of connecting the Wayne Cave Preserve to the nearby NSS’s Richard Blenz Nature Preserve.

Stewardship activities planned over the next few years include constructing a loop trail that highlights the karst features found on the preserve, fence removal, invasive treatments (autumn olive and multiflora rose), boundary marking, wildlife pond improvements, tree planting/reforesting of approximately four acres.

The IKC is excited to pursue this significant karst resource and is grateful to everyone who has contributed. If you would like to support this acquisition, please send your donation to:

Indiana Karst Conservancy
PO Box 2401
Indianapolis IN 46206

Checks should be payable to the "Indiana Karst Conservancy." Credit card donations may also be made using our secure server. The IKC appreciates your support!