Upper Twin Cave

Upper Twin Cave is partially located in Spring Mill State Park with the remainder extending under private land (some of which is owned by the Indiana Karst Conservancy). The cave is the upstream section of the Shawnee drainage system (Donaldson/Bronson and Lower Twin caves make up the remaining sections). The park operates boat tours in their section of the cave from mid-May to the end of October. To avoid conflicts with the commercial operation, caver access to the Spring Mill SP section of the cave is available only from November 1 to May 15. Much of the cave has deep pools of water, some of which requires swimming/floating. The cave can easily flood, so do not enter during high flow, when there is a chance of significant rain, or during periods of rapid snow melt.

WNS-related requirements:

Cave-specific requirements:

General requirements:

Access requirements:

NOTE: The above rules pertain to visiting the portion of the cave under DNR-owned property. Somewhat different rules/procedures apply when visiting the sections of the cave outside the park via the IKC (fourth) entrance. Please contact the IKC Upper Twin Cave Patron (also Dave Everton) and visit the Shawnee Karst Preserve page for more details and permission. IKC permission must be obtained and a separate liability waiver must also be completed to visit the IKC-owned portion of the cave.

Additional comments if you are visiting Upper Twin Cave via the IKC entrance: