Help us create Workday and First Aid Kits
You can help us make a meaningful project happen! We are creating Workday Kits including First Aid kits for each of our volunteer Property Managers to have onsite for workdays and events! You can help us make this important and urgent project successful by helping us purchase needed items using our new Amazon Charity List. It is super-easy and a fun way to donate! You just use this link to go to our Amazon List and select items you would like to donate. Those items go in your cart and you finish up like any online purchase. The items will ship directly to us. Thank you so much for your donation! Click here to go to our list!

If you'd prefer to make a cash donation instead of an Amazon purchase, click here.

Covid-19 Update: IKC preserves are currently open. If you visit a preserve, ensure that you follow CDC, state and local guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and practice Leave No Trace principles. As this situation is ever-changing, the IKC may open and close preserves as required.
Following these guidelines will not guarantee infection prevention.
If you choose to visit an IKC preserve, keep in the mind the following:

  • If you are sick, stay home. Guests should self pre-screen and if you are within a high-risk population, please consider staying home for your own safety.
  • Please follow all current CDC guidelines as they pertain to unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals.

Join the IKC: We can now accept your membership application and dues payment online! Click the Join Us! menu item above for more.

Indiana DNR has reopened caves in both Spring Mill State Park and in Cave River Valley for recreational caving by groups on an interim basis. Groups wishing to gain access must apply for a permit and comply with proper WNS decontamination protocols. Click here for details.

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