The Indiana Karst Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation organization that has been protecting caves and karst landscapes, and educating people about the importance and unique aspects of karst since 1986.

Mission accomplished! We have reached and actually exceeded our fund-raising goal for acquiring the expansion property connecting the IKC Wayne Cave Preserve with the National Speleological Society's Richard Blenz Preserve in Monroe County. At the December IKC meeting, the Executive Board approved the $20,500 contribution to the Stewardship Endowment Fund, thus wrapping-up our $225,000 fund-raising effort! We are very grateful that Sam Shine Foundation and Central Indiana Land Trust stepped up in a huge way to make this project happen. We are also extremely pleased with the number of other granting organizations and individual donors (several who live adjacent to the preserve) who understand the importance of this property and have made large donations. And of course, we really appreciate every single dollar of our extensive number of grass roots donors and we love showing off this broad support!

The entire list of donors can be viewed here.

More breaking news! The IKC now manages access for the City of Salem and The Nature Conservancy to the caves within Henderson Park for recreational caving. Groups wishing to gain access need to apply for a permit. Click here for details.

Tour our Nature Preserves - We are again offering field hikes and tours in 2024! Attend one or more for a great introduction to our preserves and our mission for members and non-members alike. Once dates are set, links will be provided below for more info and to register.

  • Henderson Park Spring Hike with Scott Frosch, October Big Day for Birding, and more! Stay tuned for dates and registration info!

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 - On this date there will be a total solar eclipse across much of Indiana. The IKC will not be hosting any observing events, but some of our members may wish to view the eclipse from one of our preserves. Due to the anticipated influx of visitors and resulting traffic and emergency service impacts, we have prepared this document that anyone visiting a preserve during this time should read and follow.

Indiana DNR - The IKC manages access for the DNR to several caves within Spring Mill State Park and Cave River Valley for recreational caving. Groups wishing to gain access must apply for a permit and comply with proper WNS decontamination protocols. Click here for details.

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