Liability Waivers

These documents are not caving permits!  

We're providing these forms on-line only to speed transfer of forms between cavers and cave patrons and to reduce mailing costs. You are required to have the appropriate form in the patron's files before entering an IKC-managed cave. To actually visit one of these caves, you must contact the individual cave patron or grotto liaison to obtain a permission and/or the keys to the cave gate.

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!! Each patron or liaison will need a completed waiver form in his possession for each person expecting to go on the trip prior to allowing access. Also needed will be time for the postal service to deliver paperwork and/or keys in both directions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that visit requests be made two weeks* in advance.

  • The IKC does not certify that these caves are safe to enter. Visitors are expected to have enough caving experience to assess the risks and make their own decision.
  • If the cave is gated, be sure to lock the gate behind you while in the cave. This not only avoids unauthorized access, but also helps ensure you don't inadvertently lock someone in at the end of your trip.
  • Patrons are authorized to refuse access for any reason they deem appropriate, in addition to any activity or situation expressly prohibited in the cave management plans.

*Note: it may be possible in some cases to arrange a visit with shorter notice, but each patron reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that cave patrons may also be on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

Current waivers are listed below and provided in PDF format. To open and print, download the free Acrobat Reader.

Please refer to these instructions on how to properly complete the waivers.

IKC Liability Waivers: