IKC Promotional Items

Proceeds from the the sale of the following items are used to acquire and protect additional caves and karst resources in Indiana. To participate in these promotions, click the button next to each item to add it to your shopping cart. The IKC accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

Remittance may also be mailed to:

Indiana Karst Conservancy
P O Box 2401
Indianapolis, IN 46206-2401

Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.


This stylish hat will make you the envy of everyone in your grotto. It looks like a regular baseball cap, but the front is embroidered with the IKC logo!

Okay, well -- maybe that isn't quite enough to make everyone in the grotto envy you. Maybe you'd better buy two of them, just to be sure.

Just look how Ron is rockin' his IKC hat. You can have one too...for only $12 (plus $5.10 shipping). Order now!

Temporarily out of stock


These handy little vinyl stickers are just the thing for your water bottle or your fav Pelican case. And they look sharp on the back of your cavemobile as well. At $1 each (plus $.66 shipping), they can't be beat.

Order now and show everyone your support of your favorite conservancy!